Forest Lighting dimmable LED PAR38 bulb is perfect for track lighting, recessed downlighting, ambient and accent lighting applications. Its Color Rendering Index of 92 makes colors more vibrant and richer in the environment it illuminates. By providing over 1050lm while consuming only 15W, it replaces 100W PAR38 lamps and saves a tremendous amount of energy.

LED Area Light

The Forest Lighting LED Area Light, which fits most existing poles, is an ideal way to upgrade to LED in roadway, area, park/rec, and similar outdoor lighting
applications. The stylish design is protected by the latest powder coating technology for long and maintenance free life. The polycarbonate lens will not yellow and provides even lighting on the space below. The 90W, 120W and 150W models last 50,000 hours and carry a 5-year warranty.

LED Wall Pack 50W & 80W

The new Forest Lighting LED Wall Pack, available in two models- 20W to 80W- is highly affordable and provides excellent light coverage to loading docks, parking areas, walkways and similar applications. Contact Forest Lighting or your local distributor for pricing and specification information. 

LED Canopy Light

The Forest Lighting Canopy Light is an affordable way to upgrade to LED for service stations and similar outdoor applications. The 5000K bright white light increases customers’ sense of safety and security, and studies show revenues grow in a well-lit environment. Forest Lighting LED Canopy Lights are easy to install and are virtually maintenance free. Energy savings of 70% can be achieved with both 45W and 80W models. The warranty is 5 years.