T5A LED Lamp (ballast compatible)

This T5 LED lamp is the ultimate T5 retrofit solution. It can be installed in fixtures with an existing ballast, making it ideal for retrofit applications where the fluorescent systems are being upgraded to save energy and maintenance costs.

T8 Glass Double-Ended LED Lamp

Forest Lighting T8 Glass Double-Ended LED Lamps are an economical choice for both retrofit and new construction applications.  These T8 Glass LED tubes incorporate integral drivers which simplify lighting systems by eliminating the need to connect the LED lamp to a fluorescent ballast.  Four-foot Forest Lighting T8 Glass double-ended LED Lamps connect directly to line voltage for easy installation and are offered in three wattages and 4 color temperatures. They also provide a wider beam spread of 210 degrees.  Forest Lighting T8 Glass LED lamps are a highly affordable option when replacing T8 fluorescent lamps.

T5 LED Integrated Lamp

Forest Lighting T5 LED Integrated Lamps are designed to perform efficiently in conditions where fluorescent, halogen and low voltage luminaires have traditionally been used. Our T5 LED Lamps incorporate integral drivers, are self-supporting, and can be surface-mounted. Individual units can be plugged together for continuous lengths up to 20 feet. Forest Lighting T5 LED Integrated Lamps connect directly to line voltage and can be used in any interior space.


HID Retrofit Lamp

The new Forest Lighting family of HID Retrofit LED Lamps is the ideal choice for updating HID lighting systems.   Ideal indoor applications include warehouses, retail space, factories, auditoriums, and similar high bay installations.  Outdoor applications include street, area and landscape lighting.  Forest Lighting HID Retrofit LED Lamps are available in four wattages: 36W, 54W, 100W, 120W.  They replace HID lamps up to 600W, which delivers energy savings up to 75% and significant maintenance savings as well.  Sometimes called “Corn Cob LEDs”, these instant-on lamps is offer in 5000K color temperature, a CRI>80, and delivered lumens from 4,300 to 14,000.  Installation is easy; simply unscrew the old HID lamp and disconnect the ballast, and screw in the new Forest Lighting HID Retrofit LED Lamp.  The expected life is 50,000 hours, and the warranty is 5 years.  They are UL Listed and DLC Certified.


Forest Lighting dimmable LED PAR38 bulb is perfect for track lighting, recessed downlighting, ambient and accent lighting applications. Its Color Rendering Index of 92 makes colors more vibrant and richer in the environment it illuminates. By providing over 1050lm while consuming only 15W, it replaces 100W PAR38 lamps and saves a tremendous amount of energy.

LED Area Light

The Forest Lighting LED Area Light, which fits most existing poles, is an ideal way to upgrade to LED in roadway, area, park/rec, and similar outdoor lighting applications. The stylish design is protected by the latest powder coating technology for long and maintenance free life. The polycarbonate lens will not yellow, and provides even lighting on the space below. The 100W, 150W, 200W and 300W models last 50,000 hours and carry a 5 year warranty.

LED Wall Pack 50W & 80W

The new Forest Lighting LED Wall Pack, available in two models- 20W to 80W- is highly affordable and provides excellent light coverage to loading docks, parking areas, walkways and similar applications. Contact Forest Lighting or your local distributor for pricing and specification information.